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We’ve Got Spirit-Coach Gabbie’s Story

We’ve Got Spirit By Gabbie Garcia, Spirit League Coach and Mom  Prologue In 2012 my...

Captain’s Auction Warehouse Adopts Spirit League

Since 1999, Captain's Auction Warehouse has been a full service auction company...

TACA Picnic Tons of Fun

Spirit League received a tremendous response at the June 4 Talk About...


Our 5-year old son was never interested in any ball-play. We joined Spirit League and by the end of the league, our son has made a great deal of progress in basketball and now he initiates ball play at home with his 4 year old brother.

Spirit League Parent

I have consistently positive feedback about the program which encourages me to continue enthusiastically recommending it to families in my office. We are fortunate to have Spirit League as a resource for children in Orange County.

Andrew McIntosh, M.D.

Spirit League provided a safe and supportive environment for him to be an excited kid, playing baseball for the first time. What would have been awkward in Little League was nothing short of joyous on Spirit League's fields! Thank you Spirit League!

Spirit League Parent