Since 2004, Spirit League has been the place where children and young adults with special needs can play team sports, make friends, and have fun. As a volunteer, you are the face of Spirit League. The athletes and parents will look to you to make the Spirit League experience the best it can be.

There are two ways to volunteer with Spirit League. You can volunteer as a: 1) Team Mentor, or 2) Event Volunteer. See more information below.



Spirit League is unique in that we partner with local college and high school students, corporate sponsors and other individuals who have a heart for helping children build confidence through team sports. The Spirit League Team Mentor Program trains volunteers to be a consistent presence throughout a season to build relationships with athletes on a specific team.

Team Mentors become more involved with the athletes on their team; getting to know their names and building mentor relationships to foster the fun environment created by the Spirit League experience.

Spirit League asks Team Mentors to do the following:

  • Be at least 15 years old;
  • Complete the Team Mentor Application online;
  • Work with the Spirit League Volunteer Coordinator to match Mentor with a team;
  • Assist the Team Coach with athletes during the pre-game drill practice and during the game (see Volunteer Code of Conduct);
  • Attend at least 5 games within the respective 10-game season.


We welcome community partners such as corporate employees, students, neighbors, or family members of athletes who wish to volunteer with Spirit League for events such as athlete picture day, uniform distribution or the season–end party. Event Volunteers can also help with court/field set up or take-down.

Event Volunteers typically serve for a specific event and a designated time period. If you would like to volunteer as a Event Volunteer, please complete the online Volunteer Application and the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

Event Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Uniform organization and distribution – May include organizing  uniforms for distribution on the first day of play. Assistance is required prior to game time.
  • Picture Day – Under guidance of Spirit League staff, assist the  photographer by recording information for athletes or organizing teams for photos. May include lining children up for individual and group photos and working with the photographer. Assistance is required prior to game time.
  • End of Season celebration – May include organization of pictures, trophies, party set-up, and/or party break-down. Assistance is required during game time and after.
  • Court/field setup before game – Time changes with each season. May include: setting up goals, lowering basketball hoop backstops, athletes seating, blowing up balls, or distributing play equipment.
  • Court/field take down after game – Time changes with each season. May include: taking down goals, gathering play equipment and putting in designated storage at location.
  • Storage assistance – May include assisting with organizing of League storage unit, inventory of items, helping load materials and taking to fields/courts at beginning or end of season. Assistance is required at times other than during game time.


Spirit League currently offers three age divisions, each with different game times and our seasons are 10 weeks long. For Team Mentors, we ask that you select a time that you will be available to volunteer for the entire season (see specific sport page for anticipated game times). We would like you to be part of the same team for the entire season so you get a chance to know your team members and be able to understand your coaches needs.

If you are a high school student receiving volunteer credit hours for school, please be sure to arrange tracking of your hours with Spirit League staff at the start of the season. Certificates verifying hours will be provided at the end of the season, upon request. You will need to check in with staff each weekend to track attendance.

To Volunteer as a Team Mentor or Event Volunteer, click Sign Up Online to fill out the Application.




As a Coach, athletes and parents look to you to make the Spirit League experience the best it can be. Not only does the Spirit League coaching experience impact the lives of our amazing athletes, it impacts the lives of our coaches as well.



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